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Scinomix RETROS

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The Scinomix RETROS

A fully-automated tube sorting and cherry picking system

The Scinomix Retros by Scinomix is a bench-top device that can sort tubes, prepare sample racks (cherry-pick), and validate samples. As a data-driven device, the Scinomix Retros fully automates otherwise tedious and error-prone tasks in the lab.

Product features


The Scinomix RETROS can handle multiple tube types within the same system.


With the Scinomix RETROS, users can eliminate errors from manually sorting tubes in the lab.


The Scinomix RETROS is a compact device that increases walk-away time, accelerating productivity.

Small Footprint

The Scinomix RETROS has a compact benchtop footprint that saves valuable space in the lab.

  • Throughput Up to 1200 tubes per hour
  • Rack capacity 12-position work deck
  • Tube compatibility 0.50ml to 50.0ml
  • Available modules Scanner for 1D and 2D codes on side/bottom of tube

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