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Sample Management Systems

For efficiently managing your samples

Tube handlers are perhaps the most valuable piece of lab equipment made today. They can save you hours of having to order each sample, place it in the right rack, and place it on the right floor of a cabinet. We offer the most advanced systems for tube storage, which will double or triple the speed of your workflow.

If you are looking for a tube sorting solution for sample storage, but you are also thinking about your budget, then NBS Scientific is definitely the right place for you. Our tube handlers are manufactured by the leading and famous brand Micronic. This Dutch company has years of experience in manufacturing racks, tubes, and sample management systems for tube storage. This makes the chance that you will make a perfect purchase extremely high.


We offer two types of tube handlers: a variant for complete arrangement of tubes in 96-well format racks, with a speed of 400 tubes per hour and a capacity of 20 racks, and a variant suitable for large-scale arrangement of tube storage and racks, with a closed design and up to 27 racks in total. Both devices only require a USB stick with target information and then do the rest of the work themselves. By using a sample management system you can save a lot of time, and Micronic shows that such a tube handler does not have to cost a fortune.


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