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CAPP Petri Dishes

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CAPP Petri dishes are manufactured from high quality polystyrene for excellent reliability and performance in a variety of applications. CAPP Petri dishes have been independently tested to be bio-compliant, allowing them to be used in biological assays. This allows you to successfully perform various microbial culture assays in different domains of life science.

Excellent thermal and optical qualities

Suitable for your application

The walls of each petri dish allow good heat transfer from an incubator to the microbes on the agar. This ensures that a culture environment is created that is equal to the temperature of the incubator. After growing your microbes, the CAPP petri dishes have excellent optical qualities (i.e. excellent transparency), making it easy for scientists to document growth.

Product features

Top quality petri dishes

CAPP Petri dishes are made of high-quality polystyrene, which ensures valid and extensive microbial cultivation.

Space-saving Petri dishes

CAPP Petri dishes are designed to optimize your used space as much as possible, with a diameter of 90 mm. Stacking dishes in incubators, for example, is easy to arrange and you can save a lot of space.

Excellent thermal and optical properties

CAPP’s Petri dishes have high-quality thermal and optical properties, which means they will work well in incubators and will speed up analysis afterwards.

Petri dishes with good airflow

CAPP Petri dishes are designed in such a way that air can pass freely without contaminating the culture. Petri dishes for anaerobic applications are also available.

  • Maximum volume 75 mL
  • Diameter 91,5 mm
  • Height 14.35 mm (without ventilation) - 14.55 mm (with ventilation)
  • Free from contaminants


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