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Experts in pipetting

CAPP is a Danish company that is specialized in liquid handling products (pipettes and pipet tips). The product range of CAPP also contains laboratory consumables and benchtop equipment. CAPP lab equipment is outstanding in terms of ergonomy, design and functionality.


Capp is specialized in pipettes and they offer multiple monochannel and multichannel pipettes, electronic and regular. The pipettes are user friendly, ergonomic and light weight. They stand out with their robust design with metal tipcones.

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The Expell tips from Capp exist from a range of high quality, affordable filtertips that reduce the risk for cross-contamination. The ExpellPlus tips have a low retention characteristic and is produced according to the highest production norms.

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Bechtop equipment

Capp offers an extensive range of benchtop equipment. The equipment, which is easy to install and sustainable, all has a different purpose, however they are all built with the for capp so famous, user-friendliness and compactness.

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