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our sustainability program

For a more sustainable future

How we contribute

to a more sustainable future

With several efforts under our sustainability program, NBS Scientific takes pride in the contribution to a more sustainable future. Not only does our innovative portfolio offer a wide variety of products that promote eco-friendlier laboratory practices, but we have also committed to multiple sustainability projects around the globe.

NBS Scientific takes further responsibility with respect to the environment by its internal environmental management system which is certified by LRQA (ISO 14001). In addition, in 2023 we became CO2 neutral with regards to our building and transportation. To offset our unavoidable CO2 emission during commuting and business travel we are a proud owner of a CO2 compensation certificate issued by Trees For All.

Our Certifications

CO2-Neutral certification ISO 14001 certification
NBS Scientific has obtained the CO2 Neutral certificate from TreesForAll and has offset their unavoidable CO2 emissions from commuting and business travel. NBS Scientific has achieved the ISO 14001 certification, highlighting our commitment to environmental sustainability and responsible management practices.

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on successful contributions to sustainability projects


Tons of CO2 compensated with Trees For All


Trees planted with Fruitful Office & Trees For All


kg of ocean-plastics removed with Ocean Clean-up


kg of plastic labware saved with NovaWash Program

Our sustainability projects

CO2 compensation

To mitigate our unavoidable CO2 emissions resulting from commuting and business travel, we are proud holders of a CO2 compensation certificate issued by Trees For All. We have made a donation corresponding to each ton of CO2 emitted. Trees For All ensures that these emissions are accurately accounted for within their certified forestry projects. We have elected to support the reforestation initiatives in the Bolivian forests.

Fruitful Office

We highly value the health of our employees, and what better way to support that than by offering a fruit basket. We have partnered with Fruitful Office to contribute to global reforestation efforts. Through this collaboration, trees are planted for every fruit basket delivered to our office. This initiative not only supports healthier workplace nutrition but also actively promotes the restoration of forests around the world. By working with Fruitful Office, we are helping to combat deforestation, improve air quality, and enhance biodiversity.

The Ocean Cleanup

We are proud supporters of The Ocean Cleanup project. This innovative initiative aims to remove plastic pollution from the world’s oceans, contributing to a healthier and more sustainable marine environment. By backing The Ocean Cleanup, we are helping to protect marine life and restore the natural beauty of our oceans for future generations. Our support underscores our dedication to environmental stewardship and our proactive approach to addressing global ecological challenges.

Supporting Beehives

Through Un Toit Pour Les Abeilles we proudly maintain our own beehive to support and promote the local bee population. By fostering a thriving habitat for bees, we contribute to the essential process of pollination, which is vital for the health of ecosystems and agriculture. Our beehive initiative reflects our dedication to biodiversity and our proactive efforts to combat the decline in bee populations. Through this initiative, we aim to enhance ecological balance and ensure the prosperity of these crucial pollinators.

Batteries & ink cartridges

For the few products in our office that use batteries, we have a designated box for collecting used batteries and empty ink cartridges. Once the box is full, Eeko ccc B.V. will collect it. The proceeds from the collected items are donated to several local charities

Waste management

Thanks to our collaboration with Milieu Service Nederland, we have achieved more sustainable waste management. Our plastic and paper waste are now separated, and a truck picks up our waste every two weeks instead of weekly, reducing the CO2 emissions from the truck.

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into our sustainable product portfolio

Micronic EFC Rack RM

The Micronic EFC Rack RM is made of 99% recycled material. This Eco-Friendly Choice Rack is a complete breakthrough for the life sciences indutry.
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Dispendix I.DOT

Dispendix offers an extremely precise and innovative liquid handler, which can dispense droplets with high precision and speed into microplates of various sizes. Suitable for applications in various fields of science.
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The single channel Ecopipette is designed for long term use.Ā 
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NEW at NBS Scientific

GenTegra RNAdvantageā„¢

GenTegra RNAdvantage is the solution for early RNA protection. With simplicity of use, excellent RIN scores, and room-temperature storage capability, this innovative RNA protection kit provides everything you need.
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