New: Micronic’s Tube Handler HT700

The HT700 Tube Handler is a sample storage and automation solution for the otherwise monotonous and mistake-inclined manual arraying of sample tubes. Due to the unique design, the device has a small footprint and a large capacity. There is a minimum distance between the sample to be picked up and the target rack, which makes sorting faster.

The system allows users to reconfigure or single out sample tubes in 96-well format Micronic racks (ANSI/SLAS standard) for downstream processes at room temperature, and the user-friendly software interface allows setting quarantine conditions and runs parameters that meet end users’ specific requirements. Likewise, it can be configured to use worklist files from USB thumb drives courtesy of its intuitive design. An integrated 1D barcode and 2D code reader double checks whether the sample tubes are selected correctly during the arraying process and provides traceability for information transfer to database and LIMS systems. The system can handle capped and uncapped Micronic tubes from 0.30 ml to 1.40 ml. There is room for a maximum of 24 source racks and 1-3 target racks. The closed system guarantees the safety of the user. In combination with the use of Micronic tubes, the device is an excellent and reliable choice for many sample storage tube applications.


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