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CAPP Expell Reload Systems

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Minimize plastic waste and accelerate your work process

With the CAPP Expell Reload Systems

CAPP Expell Reload System is a plastic waste minimizing pipette tip refill system, that enables you to easily load a new batch of 96 pipette tips into a reusable rack. The tips come in prefilled trays, conveniently arranged in a tower, and the only thing you have to do is pick a tray from the tower, and insert it into the reusable pipette tip rack. This enables great ease of use and outstanding environmental benefits, due to the fact that tip racks are not thrown away after use.

Cheaper and faster than other rack systems on the market

Discover the benefits of the Reload Systems

Expell Reload System is the perfect choice for users wishing to save on plastic waste and storage space. CAPP Reload System is extremely easy to use and most cost effective compared to other bulk or racked systems. CAPP Reloading Tip Plates are fully compatible with all CAPP racks of filter and non-filter tips. Empty racks are also available to order. Both the tips and the racks are autoclavable. Save substantially on plastic consumption and shipping costs by reusing your empty tip racks permanently.

Save on shipping costs

With the CAPP Expell Reload Systems

Expell Pipette Tip Refill System will save you shipping costs, no matter the distance to your supplier. The shipping companies usually convert the volume (or the bulkiness) of the package into kilograms, to be able to compare it with the actual weight of the package, and see which value is higher and charge according to this. The Capp Reload Systems tips is a great example of a product, where the volume is the crucial factor deciding the shipment cost rather than the weight.
For example, a standard case with 9.600 tips occupies ca. 0.084 m3 whereas the same quantity of tips packed in the Expell pipette tip refill system requires only 0.021 m3. This means you save up to 75% of the volume being shipped and paid for.

Speed up your work process drastically

Extremely easy to use

Manual refilling of pipette tips can take up to a couple of minutes per rack, whereas with Expell pipette tip refill system it can be done in seconds. Simply take the tips tray from the top of the refill tower and put it into the empty rack. Job done. Increase the throughput in your laboratory substantially, save the burden on your hands and eliminate some of the tremendous burden that rests on our planet today. Capp Expell Pipette Reloading Systems are manufactured according to the highest standards, and are certified RNAse, DNAse and pyrogen free. Contact us today for a quote or sample.

Product features

Designed with tomorrow in mind

CAPP Expell Reloading Systems are designed to be the lowest possible burden on the environment. Stop using disposable pipette tip racks, and choose the CAPP Expell Reloading Systems.

Fully compatible with all CAPP tip racks

Take advantage of the versatility of the Reload Systems, with additionally the option of ordering the empty pipette rack separately.

Save on shipping costs

CAPP Reload Systems are designed to be as compact yet efficient as possible. Very many trays of pipette tips fit in one tower, and when shipped, you will pay significantly less due to the reduced volume.

Save yourself time

Because the pipette tip trays are pre-filled, you can eliminate manual filling of tips. Dramatically increase throughput in your lab.

  • Capacity 96 pipette tips
  • Number of trays per tower 10 trays
  • Time to load a rack of pipette tips 3 seconds
  • Savings in shipping volume 75%

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