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CappTronic Multi Channel Pipette

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CappTronic Multi Channel Pipette

One of the easiest multichannel electronic pipettes to set up and use


CappTronic electronic multichannel pipette is one of the easiest multichannel electronic pipettes to set up and use. Having only a one-side programming manual, making yourself familiar with the functions of Capp multichannel electronic pipette is a matter of minutes.

Apart from standard pipetting, you can choose between the most widely used pipetting modes including reverse pipetting, multi dispensing, mixing and sequential dispensing. Up to nine individual protocols can be stored in the Capp electronic multichannel pipette thanks to the extensive memory capacity.

Product features


The CappTronic offers standard pipetting, multidispense, mixing, sequential aspiration (for dilution) and sequential dispensing.

Lab Friendly

The CappTronic Multi Channel Pipette is equipped with a long-life lihium battery.

Ergonomic design

A very lightweight electronic pipette, run by a stepper-motor. Designed to be a reliable tool for users that want to optimize their workflow.


Compatible with the most common brands of pipette tips available in the market.

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