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CappWash Plate Washer

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With the CappWash Plate Washer


The CappWash plate washer is an ideal ELISA plate washer for small scale work. Simple, compact and inexpensive, Capp plate washer is available in an 8-channel, a 12-channel and a 16-channel version.

Fitting into even the tightest budget, Capp plate washer is a perfect alternative to dependence on department washers for washing micro plates and strips. Capp ELISA plate washer works most effectively with a vacuum source. Capp provides a vacuum pump, suitable both for the 115V and 230V connections. Capp plate washer can be purchased individually, as a set, including all components necessary for the set up, or with chosen components only – depending on your current lab infrastructure.


Product features


Capp plate washer is available in an 8-channel, a 12-channel and a 16-channel version.

Easy to operate

Hold the manifold towards the plate and press the button to dispense the washing solution. Release the button to aspirate the liquid, which will go directly to the waste collection bottle.

Simple & robust design

The 2 in 1 tube design prevents the channels from clogging. Hand held work allows the user to perform a more qualified washing of the plate, compared to automated washers.

Manual ELISA plate washer

Ideal tool for low scale and reliable ELISA plate washing. Simple to use and economical, users can choose to simply order the manifold or the complete set, which includes a vacuum pump, bottles and tubing.

  • Material Stainless steel
  • Vacuum pump voltage 115W and 230W
  • Available in 8, 12 and 16 channel
  • Available separate and as kit

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