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Dispendix I.DOT

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Fast, precise and innovative

Unprecedented throughput and ease of use

The I.DOT is an intuitive and high-quality liquid handler of the modern age. Equipped with the most leading software and technology, this device can dose volumes of as low as 8 nL. All this in a 96-well rack (or more) in a very short time frame. This enables you as a laboratory technician to save on plastic, because you do not need pipette tips. Whether you need to dose enzymes or beads for NGS or qPCR, or cells, buffers or other solutions for Assay Development or High-Throughput Screening, the I.DOT offers unparalleled precision and ease of use for liquid handling. With the patented Drop Detection technology you always have an overview of the manipulations you have performed.

A device that has many advantages

An all-in-one solution

No other liquid handler combines such precision, ease of use and innovation as in Dispendix’s I.DOT. Due to the extremely low dosing volume, the I.DOT enables researchers to apply reaction minituarization, allowing them to process 10 times as many samples. With a dead volume of only 1 μL, you can move your liquids extremely efficiently. You can fill a 384 well plate in seconds instead of minutes. All this is accomplished while you never make contact with the samples, as no pipettes are used, which also saves on plastic. Benefit from the speed and innovativeness of the I.DOT.

Product features

Compound dispensing

Dispenses small molecules in aqueous solutions or dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO).

Assay development

Dispenses small molecules, nucleic acids, drugs, etc. in a multiplexed manner and in direct dilution steps. Ideal for designing individual experiments.

Genomics and proteomics

Leverages miniaturization, low-volume dispensing and low dead volume to efficiently dispense for NGS prep, PCR, extraction and clean-ups.

Cell dispensing

Reproducibly dispense anything from cells in suspension to organoids, while maintaining high cell viability.

  • Dead volume < 1 µL for H2O
  • Volume range 8 nL - 500 µL
  • Target plate types Any SBS-compatible well plate
  • Software I.DOT Assay Studio


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