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GenStore Archive

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Safely store samples at room temperature

Protect and store up to 2,220 GenPlates in the GenStore Archive

The GenStore Archive is a high capacity storage cabinet that can be tailored to the storage needs of the laboratory. Designed primarily for the storage of GenTegra-DNA and GenTegra-RNA protected samples, the GenStore cabinet does not require humidity control and has a capacity for 115,200 discrete samples in a standard 96-well microplate format.


Product features

Room temperature storage

The GenStore Archive can store up to 115,200 GenTegra-DNA/RNA samples at room temperature.

Compact and convenient design

The GenStore Archive takes up less than 7 square feet of floor space and can be stacked two high to maximize storage capacity.


The GenStore Archive requires nearly zero maintenance compared to standard freezers.


The GenStore Archive is a standard laboratory stainless steel carrier that can protect and stabilize samples regardless of the external temperature.

  • Size 36.25" W x 31" H x 27" D; open door requires 60" D
  • Weight 140 lbs when empty
  • Capacity 115,200 individual samples maximum, standard 96-well microplates; 2,220 GenPlates, standard half-height 384-well microplate format; 1,200 GenTegra microplates, standard height 96-well microplate format; 600 96-tube racks, 0.50ml Gentegra brand tubes
  • Environmental control Optional Active dehumidifier (ACDH: 110V-120V single phase @ 60Hz or 230V single phase @ 50Hz/60Hz) available but not required for GenTegra protected samples. ACDH required for GenPlate storage and for compound library storage application. GenStore archive itself does not require power.

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