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Robotic Tips

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Ritter Robotic tips

High accuracy and low retention

Ritter Robotic Tips are ideal for robotic systems. The conductive pipette tips have a high accuracy and a low retention. Several quality controls in the manufacturing process have been done to guarantee the quality of each individual tip.

The Robotic Tips are available in ‘Black Knights’ and ‘Clear Knights’. The tips are compatible with liquid-handling systems of the following brands: Hamilton, Tecan, Qiagen and Olympus.

Ritter Medical now also offers new Tecan wide bore robotic tips. These pipette tips have been developed with a 50% wider opening which allows particularly viscous samples such as blood plasma to be pipetted carefully.

Discover the benefits of Ritter Robotic Tips

Your go-to brand for pipette tips

Ritter Robotic Tips are as versatile as your research goals. For example, they are available as Conductive Tips and Clear Tips. The standard Clear Tips are made of high-quality transparent polypropylene (PP), and the Conductive Tips receive their black color from the addition of graphite. Because of this, these tips are electrically conductive. Through the electrical conductivity, the pipetting robot can determine the liquid level or fill level in laboratory tubes/plates. The pipetting depth of the pipette tip can thus be adjusted to the filling level. For your convenience, the Robotic Tips are compatible with liquid-handling systems from Hamilton, Tecan, Qiagen and Olympus.

Precision and low retention

All features have been thought of

As befits any product from Ritter, the Robotic Tips are of the highest precision and quality. Thus, they are extremely precise and have very low retention in the process. Even small volumes can be dosed without risk of contamination. In addition to this, you can choose to equip Ritter’s Robotic pipette tips with a filter, which serves as a “barrier” against aerosol, the fine mist created during pipetting. This eliminates the risk of cross-contamination between the sample and the pipette. There is also an extremely clean BioClean version, in which the tips are irradiated with beta radiation. This ensures maximum sterility of your pipette tips. We also offer different volumes ranging from 50 μl to as much as 1300 μl.

Choose 'Quality made in Germany'

Ritter Robotic Tips outperform other tips

Ritter has extensive experience as a life-science manufacturer, especially in the production of plastics. With a large production site in Germany, and a very strong emphasis on quality, you know you’re in the right place. Ritter is ISO 9001 / EN ISO 13485 / ISO 50001 certified, and the Robotic Tips are completely free of DNA, RNAse activity or endotoxins. If you are looking for the right pipette tips for PCR analysis, for example, or for any other (automatic) liquid handling application: with the Ritter Robotic Tips, you have a quality product in your hands from a reputable brand.

Product Features


Available as “Black Knights” and “Clear Knights’ and in 10 different sizes.


Precision tips with low retention.

  • Material Polypropylene
  • Packaging Available in racks or bulk in PE bags
  • Free of DNase, RNase, ATP and endotoxines
  • Cleanroom productions

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