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Screw Caps in Disposable Cap Carrier

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Accelerate your work process

With the Micronic Disposable Cap Carriers

Micronic offers Screw Caps in an automation friendly cap carrier. The cap carriers are fully compatible with automated Screw Cap capping/decapping equipment offered by Micronic. The cap carriers are based on the Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening (ANSI/SLAS) standards and accommodate 96-, 48- or 24-well format screw caps. Next to that we have the Screw Cap Carrier type Hamilton. This high base cap carrier is compatible with the 96-well format internally threaded screw caps and is easily stackable. The Screw Cap Carrier type Hamilton is also based on the ANSI/SLAS standards.

Suitable for Micronic decappers

Optimal compatibility

To enhance and accelerate the capping and decapping process, the Micronic (De)Capping line provides you with several options. The Screw Cap Recapper CS100 is developed to improve the manual (de)capping of tubes. The cost-effective tools are set to a precise torque value and stop turning when a perfect seal is established, ensuring an optimal sealing performance. Developed in conjunction with several leading laboratories, the Screw Cap Recapper CS500 offers the ability to cap, decap or recap a row of tubes in less than 5 seconds and a whole rack in only 1 minute. This is 10 times faster than by hand and improves productivity. The automated Screw Cap Recapper CS700 is “must-have” equipment for higher throughput users. The devices are user-friendly and extremely durable and reliable and cap entire racks in 30 seconds.

Product features

High Quality Silicon O-ring

Screw Caps for internally threaded tubes feature a high quality Silicon O-ring

Ultra-Low Temperature

Screw caps are ideal for sample storage at ultra-low temperatures


Resists chemical solvents


Compatible with Micronic Screw Caps in 96-, 48- and 24-well format

  • Material Polypropylene
  • Chemical resistance ++
  • Temperature range Vapor phase LN2 to +100°C

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"We chose NBS Scientific because we were impressed by the quality of Micronic products that are offered for a fair price. We experienced high commitment from NBS Scientific to enable the interaction of Micronic tubes with a third party device. We appreciate NBS Scientific for the reliability, good customer service and great engagement."

"At NBS Scientific I got quick and reliable responses to questions and appointments. All advice and attention was expertly given. We've been happily working together for over 2 years now. "

" NBS Scientific provides good technical service to our systems. The Technical service specialists have a lot of knowledge and handle short lead times. "

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