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2D Code Reading Procedure

Validating tubes straight from the freezer

With the Micronic DR710 Rack Reader

The DR710 Rack Reader has an active anti-frost system that eliminates condensation from the scanning plate, making it easy to scan tubes straight from the freezer. With a deep focus image sensor, the DR710 can ensure the highest accuracy 2D code reading even if the codes are partially compromised. The DR710 can read an entire rack of 2D Data-Matrix coded tubes (from Micronic and other tube brands) in just 7 seconds. It also includes a 5-year warranty.

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Micronic Tube Reader DT300

The Tube Reader DT300 enables users to read tube and rack codes instantly. The small lightweight device is practical to carry around, easy-to-use.  
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Micronic DT510 Single Tube Code Reader

The compact Single Tube Code Scanner, the Micronic DT510, has a very powerful scanning engine that scans and reads single tubes in under 1 second.
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Micronic Rack Reader DR505

The Micronic Rack Reader DR500 is built to read 2D Data-Matrix coded tubes quickly and with limited labspace. The DR505 features an anti-frost system.
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Micronic DR710 Rack Reader

Micronic Rack Reader DR710

The DR710 is equipped with a uniquely designed active anti-frost system so that tube codes from even frozen samples can be read.
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