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The solution for live cell imaging

Who is is a Dutch company specialized in the field of light microscopy. Their products allow you to get sharper images using low phototoxicity, making it the perfect solution for live cell imaging, all while maintaining an easy-to-use setup. Do you want to get more out of your samples? has got you covered! Not only do their products offer a higher resolution than conventional confocal microscopes, but they also offer a higher sensitivity. This allows the end-user to study live samples for a longer period of time with much lower phototoxicity.

Exposing your samples to lots of laser light will causes photobleaching and lead to cell dead. That is why eliminates the need for high laser power by using a camera with high sensitivity as a detector instead of the conventional photo multipliers (PMTs) used in confocal microscopy.

Do you need to capture fast cell dynamics? The high speed of the NL5 system will take care that you don’t miss any event. 

Do you need to capture a large field of view with high resolution? RCM systems will allow you to reach super resolution after deconvolution, maintaining a wide field of view and using low laser power. 

Do you have a widefield microscope that you want to upgrade and repurpose? Our NL5 and RCM systems are add-ons to upright and inverted widefield microscopes. With solutions, you are now able to create long-term time-lapses of your samples. Combine this with the high resolution of our systems and you will be able to study and capture the development of cells as you have never done before.


RCM Systems

The Re-scan Confocal Microscope (RCM) systems can reach 170nm resolution optically and 120 nm (super-resolution) after deconvolution. These systems are based on our patented rescanning technology and use a sCMOS camera as detector. The later increases the sensitivity so that high resolution can be achieved with low laser power. Perfect for single molecule-FISH experiments, live cell imaging, intracellular dynamics and more.

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NL Systems

The NL solution of is focused on getting faster images and therefore reducing  phototoxicity effects. This solution uses a slit pinhole that will allow the scanning of your sample line by line in contrast to point by point which is used by conventional confocal microscopes. This will increase the imaging speed to up to 25 frames per second. Ideal for applications where fast occurring events need to be recorded, such as intracellular cell dynamics, cell-cell interactions, etc. Ideal for high throughput analysis using 96 well plates. The system allows you to quickly create multicolour images and 3D imaging of thick samples.

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Re-scan Confocal Microscope (RCM)

Obtain sharper images of your samples

The RCM systems of are built of the highest quality materials and are made to last. Not only are they very durable, but also easy to operate.

The RCM systems house the Re-scan technology, which increases the image resolution, without the need for closing the pinhole. RCM offers 170nm resolution that can be further improved by deconvolution to 120nm. This technological invetion also results in a higher signal-to-noise ratio compared to other point-scanning confocals. Using a highly sensitive camera detection system allows us to use lower laser power to prevent phototoxicity and bleaching which makes RCM ideal for long-term live cell imaging.

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Take advantage of the speed

Microscopy system

NL5 is an easy-to-operate confocal microscope system that can be beneficial to any microscopy facility as a new confocal system or as an add-on to an existing widefield fluorescence microscope. 

The line-scanning technology of NL5 allows to capture datasets of 170nm lateral resolution after deconvolution at 25 fps. is committed to providing the best tools for live-cell imaging where sensitivity is a key factor. The high sensitivity of the modern sCMOS cameras used as detectors facilitates acquisition with low light sample exposure, making NL5 ideal for live cell imaging applications. Are you studying fast cell and molecular dynamics, or want to perform high contrast deep 3D imaging with minimal aberrations? Read more about NL5 and see how you can benefit from this technology.

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