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Manual Pipettes

For efficiency pipetting


You would like to buy a manual pipette for your lab. Completely understandable, as it is also the first choice for many lab technicians. The mix of a competitive purchase price, simplicity of use and low failure rate is very attractive to many life-science workers. For your needs, we offer a very wide range of manual pipettes. These are affordable, yet of very high quality, manufactured by renowned manufacturers. The absence of electronic components makes the manual pipette less susceptible to failure and features lower maintenance compared to electronic versions. In addition, a manual pipette is more sharply priced and often lighter than an electronic pipette. Do you want to speed up your process, but still use a manual pipette? We offer multichannel manual pipettes, that can be used to fill multiple volumes at the same time. The pipettes are designed with the utmost ergonomics to reduce the burden on your hands. Of course, the manual pipettes are suitable for a variety of volumes.


If you are looking for a manual multichannel pipette to transfer liquids from reservoirs or deepwell plates to microtubes, NBS Scientific is the right place. We offer several of these types of pipettes, including a 64-channel multi-pipette. A manual pipette should be light, ergonomic and precise. These are exactly the advantages you are looking for. You will not be disappointed by the range of manual pipettes offered by our partners, as they meet all the criteria of a manual pipette. In addition, there are partners who go one step further. The environment is becoming an increasingly important issue, and life science manufacturers are responding cleverly by making pipettes long lasting, and their packaging fully biodegradable. This way millions of tons of plastic that is used by the life-science industry annually can be saved, and the tremendous burden on the environment lifted.


We can well imagine that the question arises as to why a lab technician, for whom budget is not an issue, should opt for a manual pipette. If you want to eliminate the need for a battery, and the risk of malfunctions/errors due to malfunctions, then it makes sense to choose a manual pipette. With today’s technologies, you are also not sacrificing a great deal in terms of precision. Of course, a manual pipette is significantly cheaper to purchase, which is an advantage for many lab technicians. Our manual pipettes are extremely precise and of high quality.

Pipettes are perhaps the most valuable instrument to you in the lab, and you want to make sure you are buying it from the right manufacturer. Our suppliers will certainly not disappoint you with the quality and offering of their manual pipettes.


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