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In this category, you will find a wide variety of equipment to enhance your microscopy workflow. Want to get better results by achieving higher spatiotemporal resolution? You want to study your sample without damaging it by exposing it to too much laser light? Want to use equipment that is suitable for high-resolution imaging, without causing phototoxicity? Then most probably one of these products is for you.

We offer highly innovative, cutting-edge line-scanning confocal systems, that feature high sensitivity and resolution, as well as re-scan confocal systems, with which you can achieve super resolution confocal imaging (120 nm). Both types of systems are used as add-ons to existing microscopes, meaning you can effectively upgrade your microscope.

NL Systems

The NL5 line-scanning confocal system is added onto your existing widefield microscope, and utilizes a slit pinhole, which makes line-by-line scanning of samples possible, instead of a single point. NL5 is able to capture images at speeds up to 25 fps over the full frame, therefore optimized for studying live-cell dynamics, neural communication, or vesicle transport. The combination of NL5 with new sCMOS cameras allows to reduce the laser power further to prevent phototoxicity. This will generate outstanding quality, and very reduced photobleaching.

The resolution of this system amounts to 240 nm lateral resolution, and this can be improved by deconvolution to 170 nm. The slit pinhole, that does not suffer from pinhole crosstalk, achieves high contrast images even when going deeper into the sample. This makes NL5 perfect for deep 3D sample imaging, ideal for organoids, deep tissues, and model organism.

RCM Systems

With the RCM Systems the focus is on long-term super resolution imaging. Due to the unique Re-scanning technology RCM achieves resolutions up to 120 nm after deconvolution, therefore, you will be able to capture everything you envision. These systems are easy to use by any lab technician or student, and third-party software integration is supported. developed a RCM version that can utilize up to 5 lasers, extending over the Visible and Near-Infrared (NIR) spectrum that facilitates deep tissue imaging, achieving much higher sensitivity in the near-infrared wavelengths than other systems. All microscope systems feature high sensitivity over large FOVs, making them ideal for life-cell imaging.

Upgrade your microscopy experience

With us, you have the unique opportunity to upgrade your microscope systems to the next level. The confocal systems by will open new worlds in life-cell imaging to you that you have never seen before. Benefit today from the super resolution and astonishing imaging quality from the confocal systems by Confocal.