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NL Systems

A fast line-scanning confocal system with high sensitivity and resolution

Upgrade your microscopy experience with the fast line-scanning confocal system NL5

At NBS Scientific, you have the unique opportunity to upgrade your existing microscope system to a very fast line-scanning confocal system. The NL5 system will enable you to view samples at high spatiotemporal resolution (25fps, 170 nm after deconvolution). The combination with a modern sCMOS camera will result in high resolution images, with a high signal-to-noise ratio and sensitivity that ensures low phototoxicity and photobleaching. The single slit pinhole enables high contrast images, even when venturing deeper into the sample, making the NL 5 ideal for deep 3D imaging.”


The main advantage of the NL5 is its fast-scanning speed of 25 frames per second combined. In combination with the latest CMOS camera systems, you can achieve extremely high sensitivity and low phototoxicity, due to low exposure to laser light. This does not mean the NL5 makes any concessions in terms of resolution. With a lateral resolution of 240 nm before deconvolution, and 170 nm after deconvolution, you can generate incredibly detailed images, with a Field-Of-View of 330×330 μm (at 40 times magnification).


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