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Get fast and high resolution images with the NL5

without any form of photobleaching and phototoxicity

The NL5 unit is based on vintage technologies. Technologies we already had in the eighties. Yet the NL5 system is fully upgraded with modern cutting-edge technology, making it fast and accurate. The NL5 can capture images with speeds that reaches up to 25 fps (full frame), much faster than regular point-scanning confocal systems.

The NL5 is easily added onto your existing widefield microscope and is housed in a very compact package. But don’t get fooled by its size, the NL5 is packed with innovative technologies. For example, the NL5 uses a slit pinhole instead of a point-scanning confocal system. This allows the NL5 to capture images even faster by scanning a full line instead of a single point.

Due to its fast scanning abilities, your valuable samples are exposed to laser light only for a brief moment. This prevents the risk of damaging your samples by photobleaching and phototoxicity, keeping your samples happy under the microscope for a very long time.

Combine the NL5 system with the latest sCMOS camera and you will be able to reduce the laser power even further. This is thanks to the high quantum efficiency of the modern sCMOS camera’s. With this combination, you can capture high-resolution images with a high signal-to-noise ratio. All of this, without any sign of photobleaching and phototoxicity. Do you need advice on what sCMOS camera to use alongside the NL5? Feel free to contact us!

The perfect tool for fast and deep 3D live cell imaging

Due to it fast scanning capabilities

The NL5 can reach up to 240 nm lateral resolution! You can even reach up to 170 nm lateral resolution by further deconvoluting this. This is because the slit pinhole of the NL5 does not lead to pinhole crosstalk. With pinhole crosstalk, you obscure specimen detail and reduce resolution, which is a more common phenomenon with spinning disk systems. The NL5 complete reduces the risk of this happening, making it ideal for imaging deep within the sample.

You can quickly capture images of a multi-well plate with multicolor images with the NL5. This allows you to select the most promising ones. The NL5 system is a cost-effective solution. Pair it to any research microscope via the c-mount interface.

Product features

Fast scanning system

Scans your sample with speeds up to 25 FPS

No pinhole crosstalk

With the NL5 system there is no pinhole crosstalk, greatly increasing contrast and image quality

Live cell friendly

Due to its speed, the NL5 requires a low laser power which leads to low phototoxicity

Easily attacheable

The NL5 is easily attacheable to any research microscope via the c-mount interface

  • Detector Camera
  • Resolution 170 nm (after deconvolution)
  • Sensitivity up to 95% QE
  • FOV 330×330 um (40x, magnification)
  • Optimized for 40-100x
  • Scanner Digital (closed-loop)
  • Speed 25 fps full frame
  • Wavelength VIS
  • Software Micromanager, Volocity, NIS Elements
  • Integration API
  • PSF for deconvolution with Microvolution
  • Bypass mode - Motorized

Satisfied customers

That's why we do it!

" NBS Scientific provides good technical service to our systems. The Technical service specialists have a lot of knowledge and handle short lead times. "

"At NBS Scientific I got quick and reliable responses to questions and appointments. All advice and attention was expertly given. We've been happily working together for over 2 years now. "

"We chose NBS Scientific because we were impressed by the quality of Micronic products that are offered for a fair price. We experienced high commitment from NBS Scientific to enable the interaction of Micronic tubes with a third party device. We appreciate NBS Scientific for the reliability, good customer service and great engagement."


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