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With the RCM2 you will improve your microscope experience

Obtain an even larger field of view and a brighter image

The second Re-scan Confocal Microscope, the RCM2 lays it focus on getting brigther images all while keeping the required laserpower very low. The RCM2 uses the same bi-directional scanning and allows for a recording speed of 2 frames per second at a resolution of 512×512 pixels.

Because of it’s optics, the RCM2 is suitable for super-resolution imaging with high numerical aperture objectives in the low magnification range. The numerical aperture objective is the ability of the lens to gather light at a fixed distance from the object on view. A lower magnification with a higher numerical aperture allows for a bigger field of view (FOV) and also brigther images. With the RCM2. the numerical aperture of the objectives you use, is even able to get as high as 40x 1.4 and still produce a high resolution image. This can all be achieved all the while using even lower laser power. For example, the RCM2 has demonstrated imaging at 10 nano-watt excitation power!

You can also improve the sCMOS cameras. By doing so you are able to sample resolution of low magnification objectives effectively, without having to increase the exposure time. In a regular PMT-based confocal this is not possible to do.

With the RCM2 you are able to capture datasets of 170nm raw resolution over a very large field of view. After deconvolution you are able to capture datasets of 120nm resolution, also over a large field of view. This allows you to capture even more important data of your sample and lets you study fast live-cell dynamics and even perform 4D imaging in optimized conditions. Because the detection efficiency is broadly increased, you are able to aquire high resolution even in low fluorescence conditions, like when detecting single-molecules(smFISH). When using the RCM2 in combination with silicon objectives, you are able to create deep 3D imaging of organoids, zebrafish embryos, or larger live samples.

Product features

Super-resolution images

The RCM2 captures high resolution(120nm) imaging with 40x 1.4NA objectives.

Larger Field of View

The RCM2 offers a larger FOV without having to increase the acquisition time.

Easy addon

The CRM1 is an easy addon to existing wide-field microscopes. Turn your already existing microscope into a super microscope and capture even more valuable information.

User Friendly

Easily operatable by any laboratory professor or student and also easily integrates into 3rd party software.

  • Detector Camera
  • Resolution 120 nm (after deconvolution, raw image = 170nm)
  • Sensitivity up to 95% QE
  • FOV 220×220 um (40x, super-resolution)
  • Optimized for 100x, 60x, 40x (high NA)
  • Scanner Digital (closed-loop)
  • Speed 2fps @ 512×512 pixels
  • Wavelength VIS
  • Software Micromanager, Volocity, NIS Elements, Zen, LAS X, Cellsens
  • Integration Hardware – USB connection
  • PSF for deconvolution with Microvolution, SVI Huygens
  • Bypass mode Yes

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"We chose NBS Scientific because we were impressed by the quality of Micronic products that are offered for a fair price. We experienced high commitment from NBS Scientific to enable the interaction of Micronic tubes with a third party device. We appreciate NBS Scientific for the reliability, good customer service and great engagement."


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