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A commonly used piece of laboratory equipment worldwide is the lab incubator. This is because an incubator is great for even heating or cooling. If you are looking for an incubator for your lab, you have arrived at the right place at NBS Scientific. For our incubator lab equipment, we draw on the expertise of leading manufacturer CAPP, which specializes in high quality labware.

With its intuitive temperature display and compact size, the CAPPRondo is a valuable addition to any laboratory. The device measures only 34 by 37 centimeters, and is 48 centimeters high. It fits easily on any lab table and, weighing 6.5 kg, is easy to move. With a temperature range of -15 to 60 degrees Celsius, the CAPPRondo incubator is an extremely multifunctional and good device.


The CAPPRondo incubator offers you the possibility to connect shakers, rockers and rollers directly to the device, through an internal power outlet. In addition, this incubator has a large LED screen, with real-time temperature display, and a bright light that shines on the contents. You can adjust the temperature to the exact degree. With a capacity of 25 liters, the incubator is relatively spacious for its size.


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